I’m buzzing!

I’m in spring cleaning mode a little late this year. I want to organize everything, get rid of junk, file things, buy a desk and decorate! I’m tired of clutter and hoarding useless things. I want to purge all the junk I’ve been carrying around, moving, misplacing and ignoring and make room. We live in a very conservative space, just enough for two people who really like each other, and it’s getting crowded. I’m thinking I’m going to follow cutie-butt Jenna‘s lead and de-stash my life in any way I can. I know I’d craft more if I had more space and less things to pick up or push out of my way. I think I’ll make a list of things I know I’d like to keep around, and cull back the rest. Wish me luck!

Alex and I each have sore throats and coughs and we’re just all around feeling crappy today. We went to our friends’ house and had a feast of amazing thanksgivingy food the other night and have since decided to have banquet nights, the four of us, and just enjoy good food. We’re thinking of doing traditional ethnic dishes from around the world, like Indian (yuuuummm), French and Japanese. I think getting together often with awesome people is going to make our winter more tolerable.

While on our trip to Saskatoon to determine if we’d like to move there next year we went to the yarn shops. They were both great, and Alex insisted that we buy the Queensland Collection #9, a book of patterns for men. I’ve never been so impressed with a pattern book and we ordered some yarn right away for a sweater he just loved. I’m to start it right away, and I don’t mind at all ^_^

“Reece”, the sweater on the cover. Doesn’t it look cozy?

Off to make some tea and try to track down a light bulb to replace the dead one in my yarn closet. Love!


One response to “I’m buzzing!

  1. I really, really want one of those sweaters!

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