Mundane Fancies

I’ve been playing with my new iPhone and got some fancy effect apps for the photos I’ve taken.

Alex and I spent the weekend in Saskatchewan at his parent’s property. It was wonderful! We went quadding around the 160 acres and spent the evening just relaxing. The next morning, all four of us went goose hunting (which pretty much consists of sitting in a little fake bush near some fake ducks chatting while waiting for the birds to come about).

Here’s a field on the way. The photo is a poor representation, but the golden hay bales against the blue-green grass struck me. I love it.
Day in the Life

My plants are growing still, slowly, and I don’t even know which is which anymore 😦
Day in the Life

There’s a possibility Alex and I will be moving to Edmonton in the spring, and I’m really excited. Cold Lake is well-liked by some people, but I am not one of them. It’s too small for me, and doesn’t have certain amenities that I really miss having. I also know a fair few people who live there, so it’ll be nice to reconnect with many of them 😀

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot new with me. I’m finishing up a test knit tam for an LSG lady and it’s coming out really nicely, pics soon!

I’ve recently made a to-do list of every sample I’m required to spin for Level 2 and I’ll be getting on that shortly as well! Expect many more posts from me, Alex is going on a hunting trip in a few days for a couple weeks, and I’ll need to occupy myself when I’m not working ^_^


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