Meaningless cake, dreads

Hello out there in Internet land!

I told myself I wouldn’t blog when I had nothing to say, and I guess I’ve found even myself to be terminally boring for the last month or so, because I haven’t posted. Well, here I am! I’ve been starting to knit again, and I have a photo update of my 2 month old dreadlocks. Perhaps you wonder why I post dreadlock updates. Dreads undergo tightening and shrinking, looping and straightening, all the time, but especially through the first year, and I thought it would be neat to track it in a sort of timeline.

Two Monthsish

Two Monthsish

Two Monthsish

Two Monthsish

Two Monthsish

They’ve been so much fun for me šŸ˜€

I accidentally bought cake mix instead of brownie mix the last time we went and bought groceries and I was kind of upset, because Alex has always claimed to hate cake and I was stuck with a whole box of the stuff. I pressed onward! and baked a two-tier devil’s food cake without having anyone in mind to eat it, the poor thing. I offered some to my wary husband and he tentatively tried a small piece and liked it, thank goodness. We’re both of the opinion that typical store-bought cake is wholly unpleasant but this denser, home baked stuff (even out of a box) is quite pleasant. In short, we OM NOM NOMMED it.


I’ve felt like I’ve been in kind of a creative rut lately that I’m trying to bust out of, and this helps, some. šŸ™‚

This weekend is our 2nd wedding anniversary and this fact makes me happy. I’ll post a wedding picture on the 23rd to commemorate it. We’re planning on driving out of town to find ourselves iPhones and have a nice dinner and just get away for a little while. It should be great. ā¤


2 responses to “Meaningless cake, dreads

  1. Your cake looks delicious – love devil’s food. Here’s a couple of things to try on those boxed cake mixes. For chocolate cake, replace the water with dark soda like Coke or Pepsi and add a box of chocolate pudding and 1 extra egg to the oil and eggs called for. The carbonation in the soda does something wonderful and the pudding makes it richer. For light cakes, like white or flavors like lemon, try replacing the water with cream soda or a flavored soda, add vanilla or another flavor of pudding and the extra egg. I baked and decorated cakes for a while and worked in a commercial bakery. I actually bought a pre-made grocery store chocolate cake recently and after one bite, my husband wouldn’t eat it. Said it wasn’t anywhere near as good as mine. That’s nice, but then I had to bake one. =)

  2. wow. they look amazing on you!

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