I’ve had them for a month now, and they definitely feel like an extension of my fibre-artist-self. I love the way they look and feel and whip around. I can’t wait to see how they change and grow.

One Month Dreads

One Month Dreads

One Month Dreads


2 responses to “Dreadlocks

  1. love them, love them, love them!! you know, i’ve always wanted them meeself, for years. but i also have this thing about runnng a comb across my scalp, so i’ve chosen the latter every time. but still… the desire remains 🙂 maybe someday, and i like how yours still look very soft, loose, and silky. i don’t think my beads would hold up (the ones on my site are polymer) but i do have some other tidbits of copper sheeting and unpainted wood that might look fine once done up. let me play… and if you ever wanted to send me an email on exactly how you did yours… well, let’s just say i don’t believe in the world “never” 😀

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