First BFL skein

First BFL skein, originally uploaded by Gaminelle.

So soft.. 48 yards spun from combed top, out of the lighter colours of the fleece.

Navajo plied. This is going to be the main colour of the sweater body, I’m really excited!


2 responses to “First BFL skein

  1. Awesome BFL skein. Great color! Did you get the fleece at Fibre Week? I have to go outside now for day four of halter training my 12 BFL lambs for next month’s show. As they’re learning to stand still with the halter on I squat down next to them to comfort and relax them while running my finger through their fleece thinking sweater or socks or scarf or hat. Then I whisper in their ear that I’ll give ’em a treat if they stand for a few minutes longer. They are a good bunch. Spin On!

    • Yes! This was the second place winning fleece in the Coloured Longwool category. I am IN LOVE with BFL now, I’d never used it before. It’s a good thing, too, because even after having split the fleece with Katelyn, I still have TONS!

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