I sewed a thing!

In preparation for my trip to Olds next week, I’m kind of gathering all my supplies together so I can account for everything and pick up the things I still need. I had the idea a few weeks ago about making a pouch/cover for my hand carders. Carding cloths (the red things staple to the wood that has all the tines sticking out of it) are expensive and I want to protect them as much as possible. I found an old pair of jeans and decided to use the fabric – it’s durable and easily sewn. They took literally 10 minutes from beginning to end. I have yet to decide what kind of clasp/attachment I want to use over the top, by the handles to keep them together.

Now, I didn’t take measurements, I kind of eye-balled it, but if anyone wants them, it’ll just take me a minute to write them up. My hand cards are Ashford 108-point Fine cards, which are thicker than the student cards.

Hand Card Cover

Hand Card Cover

What do you think?


2 responses to “I sewed a thing!

  1. I’d sew 2 loops of elastic on one side of the pouch, on either side of the handle, and then two buttons on the opposite side to secure the loop around, or a piece of ribbon on each side of the handle on both sides to tie it shut. Good idea! I need to make one for my carders!

  2. ditto. fab idea, and i, too, just took my sewing machine out for fresh air and some summer sewing.

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