RIP, memory card.

I’ve wanted to blog for a few days, now, but my memory card has completely had the biscuit and I can’t take any pictures until I get a new one. I don’t know if it’s my card reader that did the damage or if the card itself that just fried spontaneously. When I get a new one next week I’ll use the cord and read it with the camera, maybe that’ll help. Until then, though, no pictures! 😦

I finished the Owls cardigan (save for one of the button bands that I have to re-do. It’s the first cardigan I’ve ever knit and I’m in love <3<3<3 It fits great and looks awesome, and I’m really proud of it. I calculated and knit all my own waist shaping and short-row bust and put it all together with the owls  yoke. It looks fantastic! I have to rip the button band with the buttonholes because I didn’t pick up enough stitches and it pulled way too much. Despite having knit it so quickly without mistakes, having to reknit the button band frustrated the heck out of me and I needed to get the whole thing out of my sight before I burned it with fires.

I’m still working on my mitred squares blanket, on the fourth block (out of like a million). This is going to be a very long-term project, something that’ll be around for a long time for when I’m sick of what I’m really working on. It’ll get done, though, it’s the perfect project for that yarn.

I needed the needles I was using for my nature dyed hat for a Swallowtail shawl I decided I would knit out of purple handspun. It’s my first lace and I hope it turns out nice.

Still working on the Clapotis, that’s the one I’m just trying to finish now. I’ve done the “section 3” repeat four times and I’m just wanting it to be over so I can wear it. The stitch-dropping is so addictive, it’s what keeps me knitting it.

I dyed a bunch of yarn the other day – I over-dyed some nature-dyed yarn with navy, and then over again with a turquoise/teal, I dyed a sock blank and two skeins of sportweight sock yarn that I got great greens with, but when I went to wind them into balls, I found that the skeins weren’t tied properly. One is now a giant pile of tangled mess that nearly had me in rage-tears the other day.

My 6 balls of chocolate brown sock yarn and my Laguna bag came two days after I ordered them, which also happened to be the same day that I received my Sweet Libertine makeup. The Laguna bag is amazing, just my style. I love it!!!

Once I get a new memory card I’ll post pictures of everything, promise.

I’m really missing having black hair and I’m thinking of bringing it back, we’ll see!


2 responses to “RIP, memory card.

  1. Golly, this is turning into a neat blog. Like, one I’ll actually read!

    Even though I know more about books and less about knitting, I do enjoy the sound of all the inside terms bandied about by one in the know… musical.

    • Aw, aren’t you sweet! I can teach you, if you’d like.. there’s a severe shortage of straight guys in the knitting community, they’re a pretty hot commodity! ^_^

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