So, PainfullyHIP makes me happy. They especially made me happy this morning when there was a new article posted about the new term “recessionista” and how everyone is jumping on the “let’s sell cheap, mass-produced, poorly made clothes that looook like you spent 3 hours on your bedroom floor sewing buttons zippers on so you don’t feel bad about continuing to consume in these tight-wad times”. BLEUUUURGH.

Anyway, I made a comment on the article, it’s the first one.

I covered my house with scoured and still-wet sheep’s fleece the other day.. I love the weird farmy smell of wet wool. I also scoured some llama fibre with about a million guard hairs in it that I don’t know how to remove. ADVENTURES IN LEARNING, GUYS!

Here’s the mountain of Merino/Romney cross after I washed it.

Scoured MerinoXRomney

It had been in my closet almost a year, unwashed, so the lanolin was pretty stubborn but after a few baths it let go. I want to somehow learn how to collect the lanolin from fleeces I’ve washed so that I can use it for handmade cosmetics that I eventually want to make.

A few days ago, Alex secretly picked me up in his garguantumongous work truck and we drove 2 hours to Saskatchewan to make a delivery at a pulp mill. It was a great excuse to take some knitting along that had nothing to do with my course (it’s been far too long since I’ve done any of that) and he liked to have my company. We saw about a million deer on the way there but I didn’t get any photos of them 😦

Driving to MeadowlakeDriving to Meadowlake

My friend Chris James (poet-brainiac-bowielover extraordinaire) just emailed me! Just this second! I do believe he has poetry books of some sort in the works to send me. He makes me want to create a giant through-post arts collective of people who mail eachother pieces (writing, little paintings, doo-dads, etc) for collaborative works.

I love having ideas, even just baby ideas. I have a few people in mind for this already ;). If this thought progresses past the larva stage, I’ll let you all know ❤



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