I don’t ever want to forget.

Today was wonderful. I woke up early, early, early. I put on some coffee, set my laptop up at the kitchen table, checked email/twitter/ravelry and then put on some music and got to cleaning the kitchen. I love the feeling of having a nice beautiful kitchen. It’s at the back of the house and I find I really don’t like venturing there unless I really have to, if it’s messy. If it’s nice, though, I do all my painting and dyeing and fleece scouring there.

After coming home from work, I scoured up a hunk of gorgeous Hampshire fleece for my 4th breed. It’s so beautiful and fluffy and bright, bright white. I can’t wait to card it and spin it tomorrow.

I had rapier practice tonight and Barb came and watched. It was really fun, although a little crowded and I was struck with sudden intense shyness.

It’s been a wonderful day, full of tons of simple pleasures that for some reason, I’ve just been extra sensitive to. I love the feeling of my long hair grazing my elbows when I tilt my head back ever-so-slightly. I love veggie dogs and grapefruit juice. I love the feeling of accomplishment I got from filling out my artist card and price for my painting that went up for sale in the cafe. Red lipstick and mail make me happy.

I want to remember everything that ever happens to me. I think the best way to do that would be through taking tons of pictures, and blogging or journaling more about what’s going on with me. I don’t want to forget anything. There’s so little I remember from when I was a kid. Middle school and even high school are getting fuzzy. Select few things stand out in my memory and it really bothers me that I often feel like my life is whizzing by and I don’t have enough tangible evidence of my existence, I guess.

On a completely unrelated note, I think I’m going to delete my Facebook. I have a few friends on there, and I’ll give everyone my email address, along with my mailing address, and anyone who wants to make an effort to keep up with me is free to do so. I’m not trying to make it inconvenient to keep in touch with people, but I guess I’m more fond of the dedicated, specialized sites I use to upload photos, status updates and correspond with people, instead of being a part of one huge hub, harvesting my personal information for profit, etc. I guess I’m just tired of feeling like people are faking interest in my life because we were once friends or acquaintances in high school and they feel obligated because I appear once in a while in their “news feed”. It’s seems so impersonal compared to an actual meaningful email and a lot of it just feels forced to me.

I’ll keep my blog, because I love it, I’ll keep my flickr, twitter and a select few others, but .. I guess I’m just rambling at this point.. I might not be making any sense. It’s getting late and my train of thought is foggy.

All in all, good day.


One response to “I don’t ever want to forget.

  1. well, howdy.

    1stly… thanks for the advice on the fleeces; new, dirty, but fun lifting out the wool and inhaling that deep strong farm smell. if that’s not a spring smell, i don’t know what is!!

    2ndly… reading this last post made me feel as if i was reading something straight out of my heart and mind. kindred thoughts, lol. okay, i’m keeping my facebook, but just deleted those “friends” that i’ve never really talked to, and reduced my contacts to about 1/2 of what i had before. experimenting with flavours and colours in the kitchen (bread and wool) and trying to decide if i should cut my hair or not (needs a trim, but almost at my natural waist now). if i’m not doing something i thoroughly enjoy, i turn a bit bitchy because i know i’m not doing what i should. luckily my fella is a patient man, and loves me for all my “red-headedness”.

    so, all that said- if you’re ever in the mood to play and want to swap a “goodie package” just send me a line and we’ll go from there.


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