Ambitions revisited.

I’ve been catching up, trying to finish my dyeing and spinning and such. I’ve had the last three days off work, wishing they could last forever. These past few days have made me realize that this is what I want to do for a living.

I want to learn all the mechanics and techniques of making garments and I want to design knitwear. I want to spend every day drinking too much coffee sketching sweater panel diagrams and testing my creations. I want to see other people wearing my ideas and enjoying the creation process as much as I do.

Tom is lucky I didn’t kill him for guitar strings the other day, he got into my breeds book and shredded the Tunis page. He didn’t manage to ruin the samples, though, so he was spared. I’ve never met another cat more destructive than he. Drives me crazy.

Here’s the yarn I’ve been fiddling over lately. I’m going to spend the rest of the day making up new dye-pots and spinning up my silk samples.


Nature dyed yarn. Four out of ten plants :
Brazilwood – pinks, Logwood – dark purples/blues, Osage – yellow, Madder – red/orange.
First four samples – no mordant, next four – alum, then alum&iron and iron.

Six plants to go.

All that’s required of me is that I have a small sample of each version of each dye, but instead of wasting a whole dyepot on just a tiny bit, I’ve been splitting 100g skeins into four 25g skeins. At the end, I’ll have forty different colors, and I think I’m going to make an afghan out of completely nature-dyed yarn. It’s going to be so beautiful. Colors from nature seem to mesh together so nicely.


One response to “Ambitions revisited.

  1. pretty stuff! it’s really cool to see it lined up like that to compare how the different colors turn out with different mordants (or none).

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