Wonderful, wonderful.

Today has been a fantastic day. Last night I went out with a good friend for the first time, we went for drinks and dancing, so much fun. I got home around 2:30am and had trouble sleeping.. decided against taking NyQuil to help me pass out (good choice, there Kaitlin) because I thought as interesting as it might be to cease to exist, if Alex woke up next to my corpse I think it would reduce him to a twitching, mute shell of a man. đŸ˜› I eventually fell asleep and slept until noon or so. My dear wanted to pick up a video game, so we went to EB and then to Humpty’s for lunch (where I had my OHSOGOOD veggie melt that I always get – see 365.011).

On the way home I picked up a couple binders made of out recycled post-consumer stuff and various other accoutrements to start putting my books together for the end of April. I did the samples and the pages for two out of ten breeds today which makes me really happy – I may actually get this finished in time for the Twist of Fate retreat at Sun Peaks – Barb and I are planning on stopping to see our Level 1 instructor, Ellen, on our way out to drop off our books and save on shipping costs.

Here are the pages I did! I’m printing out the info and photos on a piece of paper and slipping it inside of a page protector, and then putting the sample skein I spun and the swatch I spun and knit in the front, there. I’m so proud of having made this much progress on it, I’d been putting it off for a long time because I thought it would be too difficult. Ta dah!
Tunis Breed Page

Shetland Page

I put in my order at Maiwa Handprints for the dyes and mordants I need to finish the nature dyeing portion of the course (and then some :P). I ordered madder, osage orange, cutch, cochineal (YAY LITTLE BUGS), logwood, indigo, pomegranate, henna and alkanet as well as alum, iron and tannic acid for mordanting. I’m going to have plenty of dyes left over for playing, as well as all kinds of things I can get from the grocery like red cabbage and onion. I just really wanted to play with the bright colors and strange powders that I just can’t get while there’s still a foot of snow on the ground.

Other than the dyeing and the breeds book, there are 4 10yd silk sample skeins to spin, 6 parts of the fleece to make samples of, and the main project where I nature-dye, hand-spin and knit something to submit. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do any leisurely personal knitting or spinning for a while if I’m going to get this done, but that ALRIGHT. I want so badly to go into Level 2 with a clean slate and these new skills under my belt that I’m determined to finish. Here goes, I guess.


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