Gangsta Gangsta

Dyed my hair. Getting the hang of my new job. I like actually having co-workers and people to chitchat with. Feeling awesome about my sweater which will most likely be finished tomorrow before my friend-date with some gal-pals. I’m teaching them to knit, cooking some foods and just hanging out being awesome. I kind of have a new lease on life, I’ve been feeling pretty good lately and I’ve nearly completely lost that feeling of quiet desperation I’ve had hanging on for the last year.

Pics tomorrow if I get the sweater finished.. then I’ll start working on my Peacock socks (using the L&V sock chumtorial) and my sea-silk Clapotis.

In the meantime, I’m going to throw on an episode of the Tudors and make up my Ravelry queue for the next YEAR. I’m thinking.. 2 sweaters (after this one), 2 lace shawl projects, 1 afghan and as many small things as I can squeeze in – too ambitious?


One response to “Gangsta Gangsta

  1. I’m super jealous of your hair! I’ve been wanting to dye mine that color forEVER but I don’t have the balls. It looks great on you!

    And you can never be too ambitious with your queue… Take a look at mine, I’ve got 531 queued… ❤

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