Today.. was a day. After having been stood up by my new boss-type figure, I showed up on my lunch break to get entered into the computer system. This boss-type figure asked me if I’d consider a managerial position with the store, and if so, would I stay an hour and a half from home from Monday to Friday for four weeks in a hotel to train in a different store.

I want to think that this is a good idea and I’ll learn a lot, but really, I’m just worried about being screwed over for shifts and time off for Fibre Week. As far as I know, it’s a decent pay raise which in turn means more yarn, but I really wanted to get my Level 2 done on schedule. I’ve also never really managed other employees before, so that’ll definitely be a new experience I’m not sure about.

I was supposed to get a call from the District Manager but.. surprise surprise, he didn’t phone.

I lost my iPod yesterday. My brand new two month old 120G iPod with my wedding photos, my podcasts and my music. I am CHOKED. I’m almost certain I left it at the store the other night but when I checked today, it wasn’t there. I could cry right now. It’s really what makes the days so much more bearable at work.

Barb, lovely Barb sent me some pieces of raw fleeces through my in-laws today, as well as a ton of silk hankies for dyeing. ❤ She’s the best.

I’m going to go sulk now and write or read or something. Sigh.


2 responses to “Angst.

  1. 120G ipod? omfg that’s horrible to lose that, with so much important stuff on it. shit. 😦

    i really hope that the new position surprises you and becomes a positive thing.

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