I am the Mistress of all I o’ersee.

This is Cordelia II, my sewing machine with computerparts. I got her last year for my birthday and I have sorely neglected her. She is the second sewing machine I’ve owned, and her predecessor now belongs to my sister. Cordelia II and I have had a tenuous relationship in the last year, because the first project I tried to make with her (a pair of cotton pajama pants) came out gravely misshapen and too small in the butt area. I maintain to this day that this was, in fact, her fault. We also made an attempt at fashioning a gorgeous foufy skirt, but I have since put the pieces away and don’t remember how they go anymore. Cordelia II has spent the remainder of time in various closets.


All is forgiven. Cordelia II and I work wonderfully together now (especially after a beer or two). Fluid and flawless, she and I sew like a dream. In fact, while the needle glides through the fabric, one is reminded of that scene in Monster when Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci are skating around the roller-rink gazing into each other’s eyes. One can even hear, as a matter of fact, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ cranked over some crackly loud-speaker. Such is the beauty of it, really.

Just like this (except I’m Charlize Theron and Cordelia II is Christina Ricci)

We turned a pair of high school jeans into a cute denim skirt. Check it.

Skirt FrontSkirt Back
(don’t mind the lopsideyness of the front picture.. I’m sticking my hip out all supermodely)

I can’t really add a bottom hem right now, or do any of the fancy double-stitching (or whatever it’s called) until I get myself an iron and ironing board (or something like it) but I don’t care. It’s the first project I’ve finished in years with a sewing machine and I’m proud. I used to make myself hoodies out of old shirts in high school, but they were always sketchy looking. I’m actually not scared to wear this. Yay me!! I mean.. US!


One response to “I am the Mistress of all I o’ersee.

  1. This is super cute! How did you do it? I have sooo many pairs of jeans I’ll never fit into again, and only one denim miniskirt that’s also too small… I just bought my very first sewing machine a few weeks ago, and I’m really loving it! Thannnnks!

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