NaNoWriMo anticipation.

Oh man.

I’m actually going to make an attempt this year. I don’t think I’ll write a novel so much as I’ll attempt to just.. put 50,000 words (gulp) onto paper by any means necessary. Probably through stream-of-consciousness BS that will not make any sense.. but might possibly, if I could hazard to maybe hope.. have some tiny grain of awesomeness buried deep within.

Other than journaling, I’ve never really had an official foray into writing before.. I’ve explored music, painting, drawing.. but writing has always kind of evaded me (other than the small amount of lyrics I’ve written in the DISTANT past). Maybe this will be fun. Maybe I’ll overdose on caffeine and pass out.

Here goes. GASP.


2 responses to “NaNoWriMo anticipation.

  1. Good luck!

    If you by any chance need help, guidance, or someone with a little writing experience to speak to you can visit my blog.

  2. My attitude towards NaNoMoWri is: whatever I write is more than I would have written. Of course, I’ve never “won” – but I have gotten some good starts.

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