Fleece Artist Handspun FINISHED!!

Fleece Artist Handspun, originally uploaded by GoetheGamine.

This was from half a batch of Fleece Artist roving I bought from River City Yarns at Fibre Week this year. I managed to get approximately 600yds, lace-fingering weight.

Beauty. I’m so excited about this. I know I don’t want it to be socks, because despite the fact it’s superwash.. this is precious handspun that took me WAY too long to spin up. It has to be something special – what, I don’t know.

It’s a huge beast of a skein and I still have half the roving left!!


One response to “Fleece Artist Handspun FINISHED!!

  1. Now that is seriously lovely looking stuff! How about a small stole?? You could use it as a shoulder stole in the cool weather, and wrap around your head stole in winter, lots of bang for you knitting buck.
    You’d have enough for the summer petals stole in the longer length, or the evening scarf/stole.
    You need to get ‘er done to show off at next year’s fashion show.

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