Things I want to do.

When I start feeling out of sorts, making lists helps remind me of what I want to do and where I want to go and how I want to live.

  1. Join the gym and incorporate working out into a feel-good routine – be able to do 50 pushups and 100 sit ups without dying.
  2. Get a china cabinet and fill it with strange and beautiful things.
  3. Find a fibery art person to publish a podcast with.
  4. Take a figure drawing class.
  5. Get a quality DSL-R and learn to properly use it (preferably before we have any kids, so that I could take amazing pictures of them- there are so few baby pictures of me)
  6. Become familiar with different wines and pair them with food.
  7. Collect and read more art books, and classics.
  8. Wear what I want to wear and feel less self-conscious.
  9. Wear more red lipstick.
  10. Fill up the 120G iPod I’m getting next week with new and interesting and moving pieces of music.
  11. Be absolutely glamorous once in a while for no reason. Better yet if there was one.
  12. Learn Photoshop.
  13. Scribble in my sketchbook and fill it with images that fascinate me.
  14. Visit all the major art museums in the world.
  15. Read more poetry. Cover my walls and the insides of my eyelids with it.
  16. Actually do the Artist’s Way course, instead of just reading the book.
  17. Make a new friend.
  18. Finally get my piano.
  19. “Win” NaNoWriMo
  20. Get up earlier to be by myself to enjoy my coffee, read the news, write or knit a little.
  21. Listen to more varied genres of music that interest me – classical, jazz, world, ambient.
  22. Finish my Tree Jacket
  23. Join groups on Flickr and take more photos.
  24. Sew cushion covers for my couch, new curtains, wall hangings with interesting stitches.. anything to make our place seem more ours.
  25. Learn to play the violin.
  26. Drink way more water (maybe order a pretty sigg bottle so I’m not freaking out about BPA and stuff).
  27. Subscribe to Spin-Off and Spin. And Vogue. Shut up.
  28. See Iceland.
  29. Get a penpal I don’t necessarily know and spill our guts to eachother on paper.
  30. Float away in a hot air balloon.
  31. Watch all of the Elegant Universe, and the Planet Earth miniseries.

I’ll keep going later. This is enough for my brain for now.


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