I had a spinning revelation.

I started spinning my purple (with little shocks of electric blue) Fleece Artist as I usually do. I eventually tried a different method, by drafting a little shorter and quicker instead of drafting out a loooong stretch and feeding it through the orifice. My singles are SO much thinner and more even, for some reason. This yarn is going to be lace-weight, finally! Hooray! I can spin tiny like Katelyn! This excites me probably more than it should.

I’m thinking of starting some Christmas knittings, and some paintings this weekend. I’m also thinking of knitting a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister and Alex. I can’t decide yet what to make for my mother except a shawl, but I know I probably wouldn’t have it and all the mitts finished by Christmas. We’ll see.

I was thinking of knitting a shawl for my grand-mother on my father’s side, too. My parents divorced when I was 6 years old, and she never forgot about us on birthdays or Christmas. I found out recently that my sister and I are her only grandchildren, and that one of her sons just passed away. I think a shawl would be a special gift.  I never mentioned the idea to my Mom, but it turns out she wants one too.

I still haven’t unpacked my yarn and roving yet. Holy slow, Kaitlin. Jeez. I’ve been so caught up with painting and whatnot. Surprise pictures later, when I get my camera cord.


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