I figure if I want exposure in this town for art and fibre pursuits… I’ve got to start it myself. There is not anything to my knowledge already established – no infrastructure of artists and kindred kinds that I know of. This makes things a little bit more difficult for me. Part of me wishes I was content to drink my weekends away (more than I do) and be completely unproductive like so many people my age seem to be – maybe I’d meet some people.

WOW! Nothing like starting off an entry on a “high note”!

I heard about Alberta Arts Day, September 6th and my heart skipped a beat. Alas, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I had expected. I read on the internet that the only event for the occasion was a “Call of the Wild Horn Music Festival” .. whatever that means. It might be worth checking out, but hardly worth associating it with a province-wide celebration I don’t think. The bigger cities have much more going on (even YARN STUFF!) but we’re too far away, unfortunately.

It’s our first wedding anniversary this Saturday, and though we’re especially financially challenged this month what with the move and all, I’m really happy and excited. I really want to make it special.

That picture makes me happy just looking at it.

I think I’ll tidy the house really nicely, hang some pictures I haven’t had the chance to put up and try my hand at making Pho. Pho is a Vietnamese stew made from beef and I’ve been dying to try my hand at making it. Finding the Asian ingredients, I worry, will be difficult, and many substitutions might be made. I hope it’s yummy and not gross.

This new laptop we have now works fantastically, I can’t wait until mine comes. I’ve been getting my hands on some more music lately and I am absolutely loving Conor Oberst‘s new self-titled release, Devendra Banhart‘s “Rejoicing in the Hands” (I resisted listening for so long for reasons unknown to myself), The Fiery Furnaces “Gallowsbird’s Bark”, Two Gallants and The Twilight Sad. My 20G iPod photo that I acquired from a homeless dude a year and half ago for forty bucks just bricked so my music is pretty stationary for now, but probably next month I’ll be able to pick up a new one. I can’t wait!

For now, I’m going to update my stash in Ravelry, though, and assign projects to all the yarns so none of them feel purposeless and left out. Good idea, Kaitlin.


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