Yay! Finally!

I thought all of the “spinnerette” usernames for all of the blog hosts were taken! With any luck (read also – cash and coding skills,) this will eventually turn into spinnerette.com and my own little edge of the interwebs.

This last month has been AMAZING. I’ve had July off work and it’s been just what I’ve needed. I feel like I know what I’m doing now, where I’m headed. It’s been such a re-charge for me.

Fibre Week at Old’s College was incredible. I met so many fantastic, inspiring, talented knitters, designers, spinners and shop-owners. I was totally in my element. The atmosphere was absolutely charged with energy. I learned so much about fleece, spinning and dyeing. I’m so glad to have found the thing I’m most passionate about, and have some skill in. Katelyn came along and I was so glad to have her there to experience that with. If my Flickr (and hickternets) were working properly, I would post photographs, but alas, things do not always go as planned. Perhaps another time.

A week later, my husband Alex and I piled into the car and drove to Victoria. On the way there we stopped and spent the night at Erynn’s (of Twist of Fate Yarns) in Kamloops. It just so happened to be her grand opening. I was so glad to be there! Her shop is so well-stocked.. everything she touches turns into beautiful works of art you almost don’t want to knit – just hang up in your house and look at, and touch. Of course, knitting with it is an experience to be had (and savoured). I basically couldn’t say enough wonderful things about her. When she was at Old’s, where I met her, her shop just drew me in. All the colors and textures were so inviting, I spent the most time there to be sure. It was so very kind of her to let Alex and I stay with her and her awesome husband Chris, on the way there, and on the way home. ❤

We got to Victoria the next afternoon and I made a bee-line for the bubbletea. I can’t get enough of that stuff. During our stay, we camped, saw my closest friends (including Katelyn) and relived some old memories. It was so refreshing to be back in my hometown for a while. We even went to the Beacon Hill Park petting zoo where they have about 6 Jacob sheep (which, thanks to my course, I could identify). I inquired as to what was done with the fleeces after the sheep were shorn and was absolutely FLOORED to find out they just GIVE it all away! I promptly and without hesitation handed over my name and the name and phone number of one of my dear friend Elyse who offered to stop by next spring and pick me up as much as they’ll let her take. Yay!

Leaving was difficult, but we came home and I began house-hunting. This evening we stopped by and saw the place. It’s a little dark, being a basement and all, but there’s access to laundry facilities, and PLENTY of storage space which will be perfect for storing my stock when I get my shop up and running. I can’t wait! Anyways, tomorrow we’re faxing the application and with any real luck we’ll be moving in this weekend. The kitchen is nice and big, too, compared to what we’re used to which would be really nice for cooking. I just have to learn to decorate to make a place look lighter and more open is all.

I’m working through a book called “the Artist’s Way” about the creative process and getting past artistic blockages and why they happen in the first place. It’s all very fascinating to me, perhaps it will do me some good. I’ve also been plurking like CRAZY and have loved every minute of it. Big Ups to L&V.


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