The results.

Today I’ve been so fibre crazy. I love days like this.

I picked up some Kool-Aid packs (without the extra sugar) from Sobey’s and dyed up some Romney roving from Pam’s Woolly Shoppe in Stony Plain, way down by Edmonton.



It was really fun, and way easier than I thought it would be, with the tutorial from Knitty. I’m planning on spinning the reds with the purple and possibly with some grays, and blend the green with some more gray that I have to tone them down a bit and make them more wearable, as well as giving some more substance to the relatively small amount.

I also spun the second bobbin of my black alpaca roving, and plied it with the first. I ended up with 90yds, and I have almost 3 times that much roving left, so.. here’s hoping I have enough to make some kind of garment. Anyways, here’s the first skein!


I’m really proud of it.

Tonight, I’m going to watch Sex and the City, knit my handspun beret and drink a few cosmopolitans and be glamorous all by myself.


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