I came, I knit, I conquered.

So. We all remember the Bonsai Tunic of Glory that took me a month to knit and was my first garment ever.


As of right now it has 103 faves on Ravelry, and has completely blown past all other projects of that pattern. I think the next largest number of faves was on one that was modeled on a dress-form and got like.. 85. Anyways, I’m not gloating because I’m amazing or anything..

I just never thought I was a good knitter until today. I’m so glad people like the mods that I did and think I did a good job. It makes me so much more motivated to knit MORE. I love Ravelry.
And LSG. I think the LSG group is my most favorite forum to peruse on the internet at the moment.

Today I bought some PVC pipes, some stringtags for yarn labels, some plastic mesh, dog slickers for hand carders and a whack of other things, all for my spinning course. I’m set, and ready to go.

I also picked up a crapload of koolaid and I’m going to make an attempt at dyeing roving. Woohoo! I got the kind of koolaid that’s like.. ready-mix and already has the sugar in it, and I’m really nervous about it ruining the wool or making it all stick together or something. Ohhh boy.

Here goes nothing.


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