Wow, I’m not very good at this consistency thing. I blogged every day for two months or something and then just.. stopped altogether. Let’s change that.

I’m working now at a custom framing shop and I really enjoy it most of the time. The ultimate goal is to make it to Fiber Week and my spinning course with some spending cash, and coming home to a trip to Victoria and a new apartment. That’s the plan anyways.

Spinning is going alright, I haven’t done much since the last skein I made because I’ve been so reluctant to spin the expensive, fancy roving I have. I have started a floppy hat from that once skein and it’s coming along really nicely. I’ve kind of been volunteered to participate in the NYOBE group in Ravelry in which I’m expected to knit twelve 12 inch blocks to exchange with others and make an afghan out of. Seeing as how I’m working full time now, this is difficult. I have a feeling I’m going to get far fewer than that done. Like.. 5 before the deadline. I just don’t often feel like knitting when I get home from work. Margie’s covering for me for the most part which I truly appreciate.

I’ve been devouring podcasts lately, especially KnitPicks with Kelly Petkun and LimenViolet. I love them both so much- it really makes time go by at work when I’m just plugging away. It’s nice to hear about the dreamy yarns and the knitting techniques they both go into detail about.


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