Back in the gaaame!

We rescued a kitten! It came to Alex’s work from Pierceland, 40km in the engine compartment of Alex’s co-worker’s truck in a blizzard. The poor thing was covered in grease and his whiskers froze off. Alex brought him home, and I checked him over – he’s thin, not more than 6 months old and just precious. He’s kind of a mutant in that he has an extra toe on each foot.


That’s the best photo I have of him and his little feet for now. He’s very friendly, very attentive, just a precious little kitten. We’ve named him thumbs!

I’ve been knitting like mad lately. I’m one of two people in Ravelry making Knit.1’s Cherry Cardi. It’s super fine gauge in Rowan Rowanspun 4ply and it’s probably the most ambitious knitting project I’ve ever undertaken. The whole thing is knit in all over 2×2 rib and instead of driving me nuts, I actually like it.

One month after knitting my first sock, binding it off and not being able put it on my foot.. I’ve ripped it back past the edge and bound off using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind-off from Knitting without Tears. It’s done, it’s stretchy and it’s comfy! I’m so excited. I’ll start on the second today and cure myself of this second-sock syndrome.

I changed my username to Goethe on Ravelry, forgot to mention.

I’m considering starting an Etsy shop soon, too.


3 responses to “Back in the gaaame!

  1. What a cute kitty! I used to have a six-toed cat that same exact color. He was such a little sweetie.

  2. The cuteness! Thumbs looks very soft and cuddley.

  3. you have a polydactyl cat! so cute 🙂
    rescue kitties are the greatest.

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