Summer.. I miss you.

It’s getting warmer. Ohhh -10, how nice. Balmy, even.

I took some photos of our little porch outside downstairs and I’m envisioning how I’m going to change it around and make it a nice little space when it gets warm enough to hang out outside. I can’t wait.


Here are our french doors that lead to the backyard. I’ve got a big huge sun hat hanging on the doorknob waiting oh so patiently for the sunshine.


Here’s the backyard. There’s about 3 feet of snow on everything. Just imagine grass where the white is.


Now. This is what will be our little porch. I’m going to find a basin or something to put out here so I can do some yarn dyeing, and I’m going hang a line or two up between the posts to hang yarn and rovings to dry, along with pots and plants and paintings and whatnot.
We’ll get some comfy chairs and some flowers, too and it’ll make such a nice place to hang out in the evenings.


Haha, that dolly has been there since we got here and moved the refrigerator downstairs.
My guitar Alex bought me last spring broke after we moved here – probably a result of one of the cats knocking over the case and the tension of the strings snapped the neck. Anyways, I think I’m going to plant something in it and grow sweetpeas or something. I can’t wait.


Virtue makes another appearance on my blog! She’s the most relaxed little kitty in the world. I was to pass out just looking at her.


One response to “Summer.. I miss you.

  1. I miss virtue. My cats just eat. All the time. That’s what they do.

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