Handspun, books and ROCKING OUT HCORE.

AHAHA. I just beat Guitar Hero III on Medium. Took me two days. I never even failed one song!

There’s my wireless, plastic, teeny tiny axe.

Now, Guitar Hero does not even compare to rocking out in the real world, but it’s the only video game I can beat, dammit.

A couple of my books came!

I’m planning on reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, by the same guy who wrote Everything is Illuminated which was made into a film with Elijah Wood that I saw last year and absolutely adored. I hope this is as good.
Knitting Lingerie Style came, too. I’m really fascinated with Joan McGowan-Michael and her designs. She’s been featured it the same issue of Interweave that had the Tunic pattern, and I’ve been stalking her website, White Lies Designs. I have a pattern for some really cute knee-high fishnets in one of my Knit.1 mags that I might try sometime. For now, I’m just going to oooogle the patterns in this book.

Okay, okay. On to the good part. I spun up two bobbins full (as finely as I could) of this wool/silk I bought off of Barb next door, and plied them. Holy crap. I made the prettiest yarn ever.

Looks like a sunset to me.

I actually managed to spin a yarn that’s between fingering and DK weight, and I’ve got about 165 yards of it! There it is, in the snow on the deck. I am ridiculously proud of it, and I still have about half of the roving left. I have no idea what one could make out of this yardage, but whatever it is, I’ll make it special. ❤


One response to “Handspun, books and ROCKING OUT HCORE.

  1. hey this is ambraqi from ravelry – got linked here from there – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is one of my favorite books – it is amazing! Good luck on Guitar Hero Hard!

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