Be Mime.

I have been craving coffee all day long, for some odd reason. I haven’t given in, though, and instead have imbibed way to much Sprite. And now, I’m awake. Wide, wide awake. 0_0.

The library still doesn’t have my books. I’m getting antsy. I want to sew. Perhaps I’ll make a curtain for our bathroom, because even though there hasn’t been a soul in the backyard in months, I feel strange about getting out of the shower every day and getting snow-blinded.

Today, being the commercially recommended day to celebrate love, has been a treat. Alex came home from work and surprised me with a Guitar Hero 3 pack that comes with the wireless Les Paul style “guitar”. I was so excited. We can all guess what I was up to for the following two hours. Maybe this will strengthen my knitting muscles.

We bought a pizza (which made me sick – how very predictable), and the Da Vinci Code movie. I really liked it. One of my favorite actresses, Audrey Tautou (from Amélie, which was a film MADE FOR ME) is in it, and I thought she did very well. It definitely was compelling, to say the least.

I finished one of the dishcloths, and I’ll take pictures of them before I send them out, but I won’t post them until the girl gets them in the mail. I want it to be a surprise ^_^

Our TV doesn’t work downstairs, unfortunately. I would be nice to have a repeat of last night, when I stayed up way to long watching a TLC special on Gregg Valentino, the guy who pumped wicked amounts of steroids and whose 28″ biceps EXPLODED. (Seriously. Wikipedia that shit.) Too bad I don’t know what’s wrong with it, or how to fix it. Wait. It has somehow slipped my mind that even if I wanted to watch TV downstairs right now, I can’t. Alex is sleeping a mere 10 feet away from me right now. Aw, well.

Goodnight, world.


One response to “Be Mime.

  1. TLC is my favourite channel. But I couldn’t watch the one on the guy who was turning into a tree because I was trying to eat sunflower seeds.

    I do however, love the tiny people with high pitched voices. I just need to get past that feeling that I’m going to hell for loving them so much.

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