Yarn Pr0n, New Wheel and TUNIC!

While in Edmonton, Margie picked up 3 skeins of Handmaiden

2 Camelspin in Nova Scotia colorway


1 Sea Silk in Woodland. We’re going to make lace shawls!


There is butter out there scratchier than this yarn. It’s to die for.
So, joy of joys, we have a spinning wheel!!


It’s called the Lendrum Traveler if I remember correctly, and it’s the neatest thing ever! I spun up the rest of that blue roving and I’m going to make a Fidget out of it.

Ta daaaaah!!

And finally, what we’ve all been waiting for..






Pardon all the gratuitous boobage, these were the best pictures we could get!

I feel so very accomplished.


2 responses to “Yarn Pr0n, New Wheel and TUNIC!

  1. the tunic turned out just great!!! wish i wanted to knit, alas no desire… 🙂

    and, nice spinning wheel! envious gal over here. i think when i move up to Slave Lake i may just have to get one for myself. just too cool.

  2. The tunic is beautiful. I am incredibly jealous of your skillzorz.

    Oh, and if you don’t post for a week, it leaves a gaping hole in my life.

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