“The Tunic” is finished! “The Tunic” is finished! “The Tunic” is finished! “The Tunic” is finished!


Margie is sewing it up as I type this, because I am no good at that sort of thing. I finished it yesterday and blocked the front – I’ll post photos in a bit, probably in another entry.

While waiting for it to dry, Alex and I watched three movies we’ve pirated off the internet. I finally saw Across the Universe and pretty much died whenever there was a vague reference to a Beatles song.. which was a LOT. The main girl annoyed me to an extent, but perhaps it was just because most female singers grate on my nerves, aside from a select few.

We saw Shoot ‘Em Up and that was a mindless movie full of groan-inducing one-liners. Ugh.

Eastern Promises was the last. As far as mobster movies go, this was a good one. I really liked it, and not just for Viggo Mortensen’s full frontal free-ballin’ fight scene. Teehee.

I have seriously got to get going on these dishcloths. We’ve got to send them all out by Friday and my attempts to knit them during the movies failed miserably.

I think my next projects will be a Fidget made out of my handspun and a lace shawl made out of this absolutely gorgeous Handmaiden yarn Margie and Peter brought back from Edmonton when they bought the spinning wheel. I can’t wait! ^_^


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