So I failed to post yesterday.. I wasn’t feeling like my usual self and was just trying to throw myself into the Bonsai Tunic of Death and get it finished. I’m almost an inch up the chest past the waist ribbing, which means another inch and a half before I split the front and start decreasing. That’ll probably happen tomorrow after I clean this place up. Mostly just laundry to put away, really.

Alex and I had a bubble bath tonight and it was so relaxing. I also managed to shave off this pelt I had growing on my shins since before Christmas. I feel all human again. Like a GIRL.

The dishcloth swap sign-up ended today and I finally decided that I would participate. I think I’m going to frog the heck out of this blue and black cotton beanie I have and never wear and reclaim that for one, along with my neon green cotton Alex bought for no apparent reason for another.

I crave a challenge. I’m in the mood for some incredibly distracting, all-consuming lace knitting. My imagination has been getting the better of me lately and I need a break from my buzzing brain. I want to have something really amazing that I’ve knit with my own two hands.. I want to knit something that makes knitters and non-knitters alike gape in awe at my mad, mad skills. When my mother and father in law go to Edmonton at the end of the week, I’m going to send them with my debit card and get them to buy me Handmaiden lace-weight in insane, foot-ball field yardages. Then, in March, I’ll get the KnitPicks interchangeables (and the set of nickel dpns they have) and cast on something daunting. I won’t put a due-date on it, it’ll just be there.

In the meantime, I’ll finish Bonsai, Ester and my socks, as well as a pair of work socks for Alex and possibly a hat or two for my Aunt and her family if they end up sending me the wool. I was also thinking of knitting a vest or some soft, comfy unmentionable out of this Elann wool Barbara sent me for Christmas. I have much on the go!

I made stew for the first time today, and added a bunch of rice to make it gumbo-ey and ribsticking. Pretty much really yummy. I’ll definitely do that again soon, whatever I did yielded and incredible amount of food.

Okay. Now that I have my plans on screen, I’m more apt to stick to them. ONWARD.


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