In times of cholera

The man is sick with some cold/flu and so he stayed home from work today and I took care of him. Poor thing woke up at 5am today, got dressed and just flopped back on the bed with his snot nose and sore throat and just refused to haul himself up again.

I hope the maximum daily doses of Neo Citran and Advil will make him feel well enough to get through tomorrow.. however long it turns out to be. Hopefully it’s not 12 hours long like it was a couple times last week.

I knit my daily inch on the Bonsai Tunic and a couple rows on my sock. I tried it on, and it’s beaaaaautiful.

There it is, on my foot, in all its beauty.

I also took a picture of my hair (and face) for those who are curious as to what I look like and how this no-shampoo business is treating me.

There’s my big white face, and my hair. It’s a little frizzy because I had it up, and the curls are kind of hard to see because my hair is so dark, but there you have it, folks. You can see ringlet business on the left side of my head. Promise. Holy, I look tired.


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