I’m feeling a little granola at the moment..

So this is the third day I’ve shunned shampoo and conditioner in favor of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I don’t usually consider myself one of those “back to the earth” types who frolic barefoot and eat tofu (well… yeah, okay, I guess most of the time I do) – but my hair has always been something I’ve been very picky about. I’ve always used Pantene Pro-V, since I was five years old and my Mom used to buy it – it was just my shampoo. Since then I’ve strayed and tried various things, all of them either drying the heck out of my hair, or making it frizz, or leaving build-up on my scalp and aggravating it. I figured that this was to be my fate and I was going to be a frizzy, itchy, split-endy mess my whole long-haired career.

My hair has done a 180. It looked a little iffy for the past two days, but I think I’ve got this figured out. My hair feels light, it actually CURLS despite how dry the air is here and feels soft and shiny and isn’t trying to dreadlock itself as it often has in the past.

Seriously. Before:


No joke, guys.

I take 3 teaspoons full of baking soda, and put it in a plastic measuring cup. Once my hair is soaking wet, I squeeze out the excess water. I fill the measuring cup to the top (almost 3 cups), mix it up with my fingers and pour onto my hair, concentrating on the roots and around my hairline. Then, I work the mixture I poured throughout my hair into my scalp, loosening up any dirt or oil, for about a minute or so.

I filled up an old Smirnoff Ice bottle full of apple cider vinegar and capped it, so I can keep it in the shower and not worry about peeling labels, and put the rest back in the cupboard. After the baking soda thing, I pour about a 1/4 cup of vinegar into my rinsed out measuring cup, and fill that to the top, too. I pour it on the length of my hair, lifting up layers so that I get all of it, and avoiding the roots. I work it through and detangle my hair with my fingers a bit, and then rinse most of it out. The smell takes a little getting used to, but it’s well worth it, and it goes away after you rinse.

Bear in mind I have really think, almost bra-strap-long hair and the measurements would be way off on anyone with thin or short hair.

I’m always sure not to scrub my head and hair with a towel afterwards because it promotes some pretty intense frizz. I just squeeze my hair in a towel and put it up for a few minutes to get all the excess water out and let it air dry WITHOUT touching it.

Worked like a freaking charm. I read about there being an “adjustment” period where your scalp is still overproducing oils because you’ve stripped them all away each time you shampoo.. and I think mine lasted just long enough for me to figure out the measurements. Too much baking soda and your hair gets dry, too much apple cider vinegar (at the roots) and your hair feels greasy.

I found a great link that explains more about why not to use shampoo for all the various chemicals in it and some people are going to accuse me of falling prey to fearmongering or what have you, but frankly, I don’t give a damn. It goes more in depth about the baking soda/apple cider vinegar method here.

If anything, I can save a ton of money this way, and have great hair at the same time and never use another hair product again – except for dye, but that’s another issue altogether.

As for knitting – I’m alternating daily between my three on-the-go projects so that I don’t get bored. I have 5 inches of lace/knots to go on the Bonsai Tunic until I hit the ribbing and move onto the top sections, 1 inch on Ester until I cast on 63 stitches on either side and actually start shaping the thing, and I’ve done about 3 inches on my first sock. Things are going well.

In other news, it is freaking cold here and for that reason I haven’t left the house in 3 days or so. Bare skin freezes in 60 seconds and I’d like to keep my nose. Tomorrow, Alex and I are going to the library after he comes home from work and hopefully some of the many books I’ve ordered will be ready for pick-up. We’ll see.


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