Thoughts on things.

Pardon my random all over the place sentences. I kind of typed this out over an hour as things came to me.

Why I knit – by Kaitlin MacInnis, Age 20

I feel like knitting is a way to capture time. Each stitch is done on a day that I’ve woken up beside the love of my life, lived and done mundane things, drawn or painted, had my own thoughts, emotions and little conversations with myself. Through knitting, I can remember times that I wouldn’t otherwise think of. I’ve very mindful when I knit, and often pick it up when I feel all bejumbled. It’s almost like a meditation for me.

It appeals to my tactile senses. Yarn is soft, and warm, and if it’s not soft, it often has this organic, scritchy feeling I like (and few things thrill me more than finding little bits of straw in my knitting.. reminds me where it comes from, and just awes me – as much as I complain about it). The repetitiveness calms my anxious thoughts. Knitting is familiar and it makes me feel better on days when I miss my Mom and my friends.

It appeals to the creative, artistic, as well as the technical sides of me, as I create beautiful and functional objects. I love the practical side of knitting – you can create something that serves a purpose and warms or decorates yourself or a person you love. I really appreciate the structure of knitting, because I can do it when I feel completely uninspired to make art and pull ideas right out of my head. Instead, I can work from someone else’s design and embellish it in my own way.

I think that because of this, I would love to try free form crochet, as a way to paint with fabric and texture.

My love of this art form is slowly expanding into spinning as well. Spinning, I imagine, is going to be even more immersive than knitting as it involves more of my body in act of the art – having the raw fiber run through my fingers, along with the rhythm of the wheel under my feet.

The thought of this makes me very happy.


I mailed Elyse my ATC today, along with a green tea bag and a home-made stitch-marker, since she just started knitting on dpns. I’m so proud of her, she’s my little convert. I’m asking her to send me seeds so that I can plant an Elyse plant and have it to look at.

I started a challenge on the Alberta group I moderate on Ravelry, about busting out of your knitting comfort zones, and for the month of February, knitting or crocheting from a pattern that teaches a new technique.

I also am organizing a handmade dishcloth swap for the members, which I hope catches on more than it has in the last couple of days. Sign-up ends this Sunday.


Here’s a photo of me attempting in vain to wind that blue ball of hand-spun that I posted a couple days ago, using Alex as a swift. He’s doing it wrong, letting the wraps fall off his hands and having a good laugh about it. The expression of rabid hatred on my face is worth the click to enlarge the photo, as the next size up was too large to post here.

I hope to train the young grasshopper in the ways of the swift soon. He has such potential, especially since his biceps have practically doubled in size since he started trucking. Less muscle fatigue, one would think.


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