Growing things.

A week and a half ago I planted four garlic cloves that had started to grow in my refrigerator, and then forgot about them until two or three days ago.

Holy CRAP. They’ve outgrown the sawed-off bottom of a two-litre pop bottle, and I had to transplant them to a big terracotta pot we bought from Walmart last fall for a dollar. Score.

Look at those babies!

I planted some sweet basil seeds in an ice cream bucket, too.

Also, my short row toe shaping business is going really well. I’ll have my first sock in no time. Excitement!

Here are my sock pictures thus far. This self-striping business is really fun… call me simple but it keeps me entertained with the color changes. >_<; I’ve also avoided fingering weight yarn like the plague, but this tiny knitting is really starting to grow on me.

024 027

I’m really ridiculously excited about these socks. I tried it on the end of my toe and it fits perfectly. That’s a good omen.


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