I gave up on that Back to Basics pattern in favor of Knitty’s Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula/Pattern. I did the provisional cast-on which I had never done before and that went over okay, so we’ll see how this goes. I’m determined to make socks. I am.

I organized all the patterns that I currently have in print, along with all my knitting goodies. I put the patterns in clear sleeves (an alternative to punching 3 holes into them, seeing as how we don’t have a hole-puncher at the moment), and all my needles are tucked nicely in the case I got for Christmas.

I’m slowly chipping away at the front of my Bonsai Tunic. I felt much better when I realized that I was in the middle of my second lace chart repeat out of five.. there IS light at the end of the tunnel. After that lacy/knotty part is finished, the ribbing and top will just fly, I know it.

Now to choose the photo of the day..

10.31.07 004

This is Bowie and Virtue. They’re my cats. Their favorite pass-times are making noise in the middle of the night with whatever they can bat around the floor or knock over, sneaking under the bed covers and falling asleep, and generally being nosy and curious, especially when I’m cooking, eating or knitting.


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