I need to get to bed earlier.

It’s late. I hate that I only post now when it’s late. I would do so much better if I posted at a time of day when I could make sense of my head, and still had some functioning motor skills.

Tomorrow, I start my first sock. I feel strange not having ever knit a sock, because so many other knitters are all but swallowed alive in all the socks they make, and they’re obsessed. Like, really, truly obsessed with knitting socks. I heard once, it’s like knitter’s crack.

Gotta break me offa piece of that!


Beauty. Can’t wait.

Also, I am very excited, because I’m getting the Knit Picks Options set in the beginning of March and am going to Magic Loop the snot out of everything.

Rock on.


One response to “I need to get to bed earlier.

  1. Good luck with the sock! I only tackled socks last year, after many years of knitting, and I’m in love with sock-knitting now.

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