Ideas brewing!

After a little digging and chatting with Barb, Margie and my sweetie, I’ve decided to enroll in the Olds College Master Spinner Program! I am ridiculously excited about the prospect of learning all that there is to learn about fiber arts and the whole production/spinning/dyeing aspects of yarn. Each level consists of a week long course with a years’ worth of homework, and there are six levels. For what you are actually learning, it’s all incredibly inexpensive. I can’t wait, I can’t wait. This works out perfectly because while I’m doing all of this I can still hold down a full time job and do my part financially to save for a house while working toward something that makes me really, really happy.

Things are looking up, up, up. I went to Barb’s today with some cookies and she taught me how to use her Lendrum wheel, and I spun my very first skein of wool on it (after my very first skein of wool on a spindle – pictures of both tomorrow).


This is a cookie I made.


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