"Gloating" – a show and tell of wedding photos.

I’m keeping up with this blog 365 business well thus far.

Alex worked almost 12 hours today, poor guy passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow. He’s happy, though, so that makes me happy. Today has been a nice day. I like doing the little “wife thing” and have the place tidied and dinner ready when he gets home from work.

Half of my wedding photos are in flickr now, so I think I’ll post a couple good ones before turning in for the night.


My knight in rented tuxedo. Swooooon!


Here’s Alex and the JOP having a grand old chuckle at my expense. I hated that guy.


Post-kiss haze.


Gotta love the chainlink fence in the background of that otherwise nice picture.


My favorite picture of me that day.


Probably one of my favorite pictures of us.

Yeah. I’m in a mooshy gooshy love mood. Could you tell? It’s nice to have snagged a good man at 19, something women try to do and fail at their entire lives. Awesome.

Since I’m not feeling like having a repeat of last night, I’m going to turn in.


One response to “"Gloating" – a show and tell of wedding photos.

  1. beautiful day as well.. a perfect little wedding fun and gorgeous! you looked like the fairly tail bride!

    You two are gorgeous together!

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