I cleaned everything today. I also stupidly mixed 3 cleaners while cleaning the shower stall (CLR, and two bleach cleaners, if you must know) and nearly passed out. I must have burnt out some soft tissues or something because I’ve been hacking my throat raw all day and I can’t really smell. I am Kaitlin’s lack of common sense.

I started reading Chuck Palahniuk’s “Diary – a novel” last night. It’s about some guy who went crazy and as a drywaller boarded up some rooms in clients vacation homes after scrawling his twisted views on things all over the walls. They eventually come home to a missing linen closet or kitchen or what-have-you. Then, he shot himself in the head in his wife’s car and she had to clean it because she had to go to work in it every day.. etc… The book is told from her point of view, written in a diary type format that she probably hopes he’ll find one day. She’s pretty bitter. It’s a little more than disturbing. I love it.

I find myself stalking blogs more and more lately. I guess it’s just the natural progression of things. First comes curiosity, then comes interest, then I treat everyone else’s blog like a little personal soap opera that I can’t bear to miss out on then comes the baby in the baby carriage. This is what I get for not having TV.

Or social interaction on a daily basis. Tomato, Tomato**.

I have to cast on for the front of my tunic tonight, or I never will..

But I have so much more I want to do! I’m going to upload all the wedding photos from CD’s that I have from my photographer to my flickr, just to have them there, gonna order some books from the library system to get them shipped out here, and I still have to make that Christmas/Birthday knitting list, too.

Kay. I’m just procrastinating now. Here’s a photo:


This was our “street” last fall. Since November we’ve had nothing but snow and I don’t really remember what grass looks like.

I’m outta here.

** I realize this doesn’t quite have the same effect when it’s typed. Shut up.


One response to “PROJECT/BLOG 365 FTW

  1. I am the biggest Fight Club fan. EVER.

    You are now one of my best friends for reading Chuck.

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