Can someone attach this spindle to a blender or something?

Last night, while getting my Friday night drink on, I finished the back of my Bonsai Tunic! I’m less than excited to start the front because of the tedious 10 inches of knots and lace that I have to knit up.. I’ll try not to put it off too long, I really wanna wear this thing!


I’m really getting into knitting Ester. The cabling is easy and it works up really quickly. I don’t quite get all this business with “sizing issues” and I hope I don’t face the same fate. I’m making it for the 38″ bust, so that’s like 2″ of ease.. I am Kaitlin’s baited breath.

IMG_0706There it is!

Margie started knitting with my handspun the other day, she’s got about 20 rows done of Knitty’s Branching Out scarf. Here it is! I can’t wait to see how it will look when blocked.


I’m really enjoying this blogging ritual thus far, and so I’ve decided to participate in this “project 365”, where I attempt to post one photo (and one entry) per day in attempts to document my life. I’m really excited to look back on this in a year and have a visual representation of what I’ve been up to. Awesome.

Other than knitting, I’m creeping Ravelry for vintage-looking knits (my username is kaitlin, add me!), listening to Lime N Violet’s 50th podcast episode – crotchdiving. >_<; lol – and reading other people’s blogs, waiting for my darling husband Alex to come home from his Magic: the Gathering tournament after he picks his Mom up at Bingo. I think I’m going to make a gift knitting list for next Christmas (and varying birthdays between now and then). I hope to make a head start!


One response to “Can someone attach this spindle to a blender or something?

  1. I like the beginnings of your Bonsai Tunic!! 🙂 And, thanks for the comment to my blog!

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